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SOL IG-0017
I am That
1 I am That
2 It's already there
3 The sky is there
4 Non-doing
5 Appleton
6 Give me five
7 Time to be alone
8 Reborn every moment
9 The inner child
10 Diminished
11 Sitting silently
12 Latour
13 Remembering
All compositions by Lars Jansson
hI am Thath
l I ving
everyd A y life
sacred  M oments
cons T ant
wors H ip of self
tot A lly present
no pas T  no future
listen  I nside
with full  A ttantion
M ind stops
the  T rue self shines
H ere and now
complete  A wareness
of  T hat
by Lars Jansson
Lars Jansson <piano>
Lars Danielsson <Bass>
Anders Kjellberg <drums>
Jazz recommendation
l am that

Anyone who has followed pianist and composer Lars Jansson with some degree of attention and reflection can hardly have missed noticing his ability to ignore the pressure of musical fashion and the more or less superficial dogmas of "renewal" to keep pace wit the times, and instead to create music that is immediate, singable, full of polished musical finesse and not, least, characterised by having its own unique expressions. In this process, he quite simply relies on his own constantly deepening perspectives regarding the cornerstones of music, filtered through his particular artistic temperament
This results in music that is universal and relevant at once, and will endure, continuing to fly long after many other flash-in-the-pan dragonflies have lost their wings.
This record is one of the very few I find myself returning to often, in spite of the fact that I have already listened to it many times.
It is a delicatessen with an unusually fine assortment, a kaleidoscopic diversity of expressions and moods, from the poetic tenderness of the ballad ''Time to be alone'' to the hair-raising pressure in the blues in quintuple time, ''Give me five''. These are only two of many possible examples. Every time I listen, I make new discoveries.
The trio has been playing in its present composition, with the fantastic bass playing of Lars Danielsson and with the astonishing Anders on drums, since thee mid 80s. These three brilliant musicians make an ensemble that sounds as close to telepathy as one can get!
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